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We Own You.

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Maintained by shortpainkiller

This community if for the high-standard members of ckyforums.com who are using LiveJournal. This community if also for anyone who is a fan of cKy: Band, movies, Viva la bam, Dirty Sanchez, Wildboyz and all things trashy and commercial.

We hope this will also be a `Free-to-post` board about You What you're listening to, hows life for you, what you're looking forward to.. Ect! Anything you want to share with fellow cKy fans! Just be yourself!

Die-Hard Bam Groupies WILL be deleted without consideration for their feelings. Sorry kids, We don't like you.

HIM Fanatics, keep it to a minimum. Villes' not that Sexy, nor is he that talented.

We may be a strict community, but thats life kids..

Please, join ckyforums.com We're all pretty friendly-ish.